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The Columbarium at the Presbyterian Kirk of the Hills provides a holy place for the interment of ashes following cremation.  It is a place of worship and celebration; a place to meditate and remember those who have gone before us.

The church is the center of life – baptism, confirmation, marriage, and  worship – so it is appropriate that death and burial be centered here as well.   A hallowed place of interment adjacent to the church revives the  ancient Christian tradition of having the remains of members of the Christian community located as near as possible to the place of community worship. 

Plaques and Inscriptions

All niches will be covered with identical brass plaques. Inscriptions for the niche covers and memorial markers will include name and year of birth and death only. The inscription will be of a standard type style. The size of the lettering may depend on name length.    


Rites and Services

All rites and services relating to the interments in the Columbarium shall be subject to the discretion of, and conducted by, the Session of the Presbyterian Kirk of the Hills. Flowers and appropriate flags may be present during the interment service but must be removed following the service .  Flowers or other decorations may not be placed on the niches or on the Columbarium structures.  

The Master’s Garden is a landscaped area surrounding the Columbarium to provide a peaceful, welcoming, quiet respite for  visitation, prayers and meditation.  It was constructed to pay respect to the families that have loved one’s inurned ashes interred in the columbarium. The garden’s location between the main building and the fellowship hall provides easy access to visit the Columbarium whether or not the church is open.


For more Information, please contact:

Wanda Boyd

Presbyterian Kirk of the Hills